The JAG Advantage

The JAG Model incorporates three key components proven to ensure students’ development and success: employer engagement, trauma informed care and project based learning. 


Employer Engagement

Employers interact with JAG students in the classroom – and on the job. As part of the JAG programming, company representatives are invited into the classroom, where they build relationships with the students and teach them valuable skills that companies are seeking in new hires. Students will then be able to visit the representative’s company, and potentially, visualize themselves working there.

Trauma Informed Care

Career Specialists are trained to provide trauma-informed care and create an environment where all students to be successful. To be trauma-informed is to understand the challenges our students face and provide supports and additional resources so that they can overcome those barriers. It’s the difference between asking “what happened?” instead of “what’s wrong with you?” 

Project-Based Learning (PBL)

This framework and instructional learning strategy provides students with a voice and the choice to drive what they do through hands-on projects. These projects help them develop real world competencies that employers are seeking. The projects also give the students the opportunity to use their skills and talents to showcase what they know through public products that are relevant to their interests and aptitudes.


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Backed by a strong history, looking forward to a bright future. 

Empowered by an over 40 year old effort to provide more resources for job-related success for students, JAG Nebraska joins a national network of affiliates focused on giving young people a better chance at overcoming barriers in school and post graduation.

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