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When you support JAG Nebraska, you help young people of truly great promise succeed both in school and on the job, leading to a productive and rewarding career.

What We Do

We believe all young people are capable of greatness. We also believe that greatness is seldom achieved alone. That’s why JAG Nebraska is committed to providing in-school support for students. By helping them develop their skillsets and overcome hurdles, we set them up for success in the classroom and the workplace.

Why We Do It

We know thousands of students are facing these challenges – and more – making it harder for them to succeed in a traditional classroom. 

To help these students achieve a bright future, JAG Nebraska utilizes a programming model developed by the national Jobs for America’s Graduates organization. This model has been implemented by affiliates in 40 states across the nation, and research proves it results in big wins for students, employers and communities.

Workforce Development

JAG graduates are 2.3 times more likely to be employed full-time, using the strong life skills learned while enrolled in one of JAG’s many programs.

Building Wealth

JAG students are projected to produce over $5,000,000 in increased earnings and spending annually, building wealth that will positively influence their lives.

Economic Impact

Graduates are projected to increase state and local tax revenue by over $200,000 by the midpoint of their careers and increase home sales nationally by $16 million. 

How it Works

JAG programming is conducted on-site at schools during school hours. Trained Career Specialists work with JAG students to help them master 37 skills that will set them up for success in their future careers.  

Throughout the duration of the program, students build relationships with local employers; engage in project-based learning; develop leadership, civic and social responsibility through a student-led career association; and engage in career research that will lay the foundation for job opportunities after high school graduation. 

Our Programs

Middle School 


Alternative Education



Early College Success

The JAG Advantage

The JAG Model incorporates three key components proven to ensure students’ development and success: employer engagement, trauma informed care and project based learning.


Backed by a strong history, looking forward to a bright future. 

Empowered by an over 40 year old effort to provide more resources for job-related success for students, JAG Nebraska joins a national network of affiliates focused on giving young people a better chance at overcoming barriers in school and post graduation.

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